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November 2020

Course Title Start Duration Location

Pharmaceutical HVAC Systems

3-day course: HVAC system design, operation/maintenance, energy saving initiatives and qualification

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17th November 2020 3 days Marriott Hotel, Copenhagen

Temperature Controlled Storage & Transportation of Pharmaceuticals (Includes COLD CHAIN)

Design, Qualification and Operation of Temperature Controlled Storage & Distribution Sys

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24th November 2020 3 days Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam

Recent Courses

A list of our recent pharmaceutical compliance and validation training courses is also provided below for your information.

AMSTERDAM Facility Design/Layout; Contamination Control; Risk Assessments; PST; Behaviours/Practices; EM · The course covers one of the most challenging and high risk activities undertaken by the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industry. To operate effectively in the field of aseptic manufacturing, it is essential to understand the sources/basic mechanisms of contamination in conjunction with the associated systems and procedures required to effectively control such contamination. This course provides delegates with an in-depth appreciation of contamination sources and mechanisms, together with effective controlling and monitoring mechanisms such as: good cleanroom operation; effective facility/HVAC system design, operation and maintenance; good aseptic behaviours/disciplines; effective personnel clothing systems, sterilisation processes, process simulation trials, risk management initiatives and environmental monitoring.
COPENHAGEN 3-day course on: Design, commissioning and verification of pharmaceutical critical utility systems · This pharmaceutical training course covers current and best practice in the areas of design, construction and commissioning / qualification of critical utility systems. It includes generation and distribution systems for purified water, highly purified water, Water for Injection (WFI), clean steam, pure steam, compressed air and process gases. The course provides an insight into the underlying hygienic design principles/requirements/guidance involved in the specification, construction and completion of these systems. It also provides information on suitable system design solutions and configuration, together with a detailed systematic approach to the key stages (including planning) involved in the project life-cycle. Typical examples of operational issues and recommended actions/precautions that can be taken, are also covered by this course. The course will be fully updated to reflect requirements from the latest pharmacopoeias and EMA regulatory guidelines (Annex 1 and Q & A's).