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Pharmaceutical Water, Steam and Compressed Gas Systems

This pharmaceutical training course covers current and best practice in the areas of design, construction and commissioning / qualification of critical utility systems. It includes generation and distribution systems for purified water, water for preparation of extracts and water for injection (WFI), clean steam, pure steam, compressed air and process gases. The course provides an insight into the underlying hygienic design principles/requirements/guidance involved in the specification, construction and completion of these systems. Testing requirements (qualification and routine) are also covered. It also provides information on suitable system design solutions and configuration, together with a detailed systematic approach to the key stages (including planning) involved in the project life-cycle. Typical examples of operational issues and recommended actions/precautions that can be taken, are also covered by this course. The course will be fully updated to reflect requirements from the latest pharmacopoeias and EMA regulatory guidelines, including Annex 1 and the Q & A's for the production of water for injection using non-distillation methods.

Delegates will be provided with a 3-slide per page printed binder upon arrival on Day 1 and PDF versions of the slides will be sent out by email to each delegate after the course. Day-time meals and refreshments, together with a course dinner, held on the evening of Day 1 (Tuesday 17 Sep 2024), are included in the overall package.

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September 2024
Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa

Tuesday, 17th September 2024 to Thursday, 19th September 2024 (3 days)

Hotel Scandic Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

09:00 - 17:00

£2,500 per delegate

NOTE: Course fees will be subject to a 20% UK VAT charge if your billing/invoice address is in the UK and/or delegates are UK based